Online Retail and
E-Commerce ETF

The BetaShares Online Retail and E-Commerce ETF (ASX: IBUY) provides a convenient, cost-effective way to access the growth potential of the e-commerce thematic. 

IBUY aims to track the performance of the Solactive Global Online Retail and E-Commerce Index (before fees and expenses), which provides exposure to a portfolio of global online retailing leaders. 

Invest in the world's leading e-commerce companies

Invest in the world's leading e-commerce companies


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There are risks associated with investment in the Fund, including market risk, sector risk, international investment risk and concentration risk. The Fund should only be considered as a component of a diversified portfolio. For more information on risks and other features of the Fund please see the Target Market Determination (TMD) and Product Disclosure Statement, available at

1 Other costs, such as transaction costs, may apply.


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How can you use IBUY in your portfolio?

The online retail trend offers significant growth potential. The share of global retail spending accounted for by e-commerce has grown strongly in recent years, with this growth projected to continue. 

Benefits of IBUY

Portfolio Diversification

IBUY provides exposure to up to 100 of the leading global e-commerce companies in a single trade.

Growth potential

IBUY offers potential portfolio diversification benefits to Australian investors, given that e-commerce is a sector under-represented in the Australian market.

Exposure to leading global online retailers


Index-tracking approach means no active manager fees. Management costs are only 0.67% p.a. (or $67 per year for every $10,000 invested).1

Growth potential

Exposure to leading global online retailers

Portfolio Diversification


Examples of companies held in IBUY's portfolio







The Fund can be used to implement a variety of investment strategies. 

For example:

Tactical allocation to the online retail and e-commerce thematic.

As a complement to a broad market core exposure.

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No assurance is given that these companies will remain in the portfolio or will be profitable investments.

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