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There are risks associated with investment in IEAT, including market risk, sector risk, international investment risk and concentration risk. IEAT’s returns can be expected to be more volatile (i.e. vary up and down) than a broad global shares exposure, given its concentrated sector exposure.  IEAT should only be considered as a component of a diversified portfolio.  For more information on risks and other features of the Fund please see the Product Disclosure Statement, which will be available at when IEAT launches.


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Portfolio diversification

Access to leading innovators in food production and supply


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BetaShares Future of Food ETF (IEAT) - coming soon to the ASX*

*Subject to final regulatory approval.

Growth potential

Cost-effective exposure

The BetaShares Future of Food ETF (IEAT) is expected to launch soon on the ASX. IEAT will provide cost-effective exposure to a portfolio of companies leading the ‘future of food’ revolution.

IEAT will provide exposure to innovative companies from sectors including smart farming (e.g. vertical farming, precision agriculture and the use of automation in farming), plant-based and cell cultured foods, and sustainable packaging (e.g. biodegradable and compostable packaging).

A growing global population and changing patterns of food consumption pose environmental, health and ethical challenges. In response, innovations are taking place to make the food we eat more sustainable, healthier and less cruel to animals. This 'future of food' has become a major growth segment within the global food industry.

IEAT will offer access to a portfolio of companies leading the ‘future of food’ revolution across a number of geographic regions, reducing stock and region-specific risk compared to investing in individual companies in the food production industry.

With management costs of only 0.67% p.a. (or $67 for every $10,000 invested), IEAT is a cost-effective way to gain exposure to the ‘future of food’ thematic.


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